Carolyne Carroll, Nutritionist   BHSc (Nutrition)  


Hashimotos Thyroiditis

Do you think that you may have hypothyroidism?   Here is a list of symptoms that might indicate you have hypothyroidism or Hashimotos Thyroiditis.  You may not have all the symptoms.   Testing is required to get a definitive answer.   A full thyroid panel is indicated as only having a TSH level performed may not help in the diagnosis. 
Feeling cold when others are hot
Low body temperature
Hair loss, loss of scalp and facial hair
male patterned baldness
Loss of hair in outer eyebrow
Hair is rough, coarse, dry, brittle
Dry eyes
Blurred vision
Eye discomfort
Nystagmus or jerking
Hoarseness, husky voice
Difficulty swallowing
Feeling of lump in throat or neck
Chronic fatigue
Exhaustion after minimal effort or exercise
Muscle weakness
Carpal tunnel syndrome / tendinitis
Raynaud's phenomenon (sensitive to cold in hands and feet)
Swelling in hands and feet
Weight gain
Round or puffy face
Low blood pressure / High blood pressure
Slow pulse
Irritability, anxiety and depression
Brain fog - difficulty concentrating, forgetfulness
Dizziness, vertigo
Irregular or absent menstrual periods
Infertility or decreased fertility
Reduced sex drive
Recurrent miscarriage
Increase in snoring
Shortness of breath and tightness in chest
Delayed growth in children, failure to thrive in infants
High cholesterol levels
Hypoglycemia / low blood sugar